Off-Site 3D Printing Solutions

Off-Site 3D Printing Solutions

Off-Site Engineering Solutions is proud to support this exciting technology and we offer advisory services and design support for the 3D printing industry in the following areas:

  • Design for 3D manufacture
  • Modular MEP for 3D structures
  • Hybrid building systems & 3D printed modular systems
  • Sub-component integration services

The industry is at the start of a curve with no crescendo in sight and it’s an exciting time to be a part it. 3D printing has the capacity to provide basic housing for the poor, extravagant mansions for the rich and just about everything in between and the construction industry is watching additive manufacturing with a curious blend of excitement and anxiety.

In the march towards greater efficiency there will inevitably be disruption and upheaval on the horizon and we welcome it. We have seen this disruption several times before as the benefits of Pods, MEP Modules & Modular Construction took hold within the construction industry.

Dubai Municipality has developed regulatory frameworks for the use of 3D printing in construction and has drawn up a series of codes for the use in construction, amid forecasts that more and more buildings in the emirate will employ the technology. The news comes after the launch in April of the ‘Dubai 3D Printing Strategy’, and the forecast that a quarter of buildings in the emirate will have 3D-printed elements by 2030.

Three-Dimensional Printing Technology will reduce construction time and wastage of building materials and will also reduce the number of construction labourers required, allowing them to be re-allocated to other projects.