About us

Off-Site Engineering Solutions is a specialist consultant for prefabrication, modular and off-site construction systems. We offer modular engineering & design, BIM, production drawings and manufacturing facility set-up and training services for all types of prefabricated sub-assemblies.

The principals of Off-Site Engineering Solutions have been an integral part of the new wave of off-site construction technologies and have made significant contributions to policy, systems,innovation, direction and growth within the industry.

We have completed over one hundred successful Modular and Prefabrication projects over the last 17 years in Europe and throughout the GCC both as module sub-contractors and more recently as Engineering & Design Consultants. We know this field inside out; we know where the industry is going and know the vital tweaks necessary to configure a project so as to harness the cost, time and productivity benefits of all forms of prefabrication.

Typical Projects:

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Villa Projects
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Tower structures
  • Buildings with a large number of repeated MEP and/or Bathroom & Kitchen elements on each level.

Typical Scope:

  • Corridor MEP Modules
  • Riser Modules
  • Plant Room Modules
  • Bathroom Pods
  • Kitchen Pods
  • Modular Structures
  • External Façade Systems
  • Unitised Cladding Modules


Benefits of Prefabrication

Greater Productivity, Less Time

Modular Construction is 30 – 50% quicker

Reduction in Workforce

On the prefabricated scope, OSES uses only 30 - 40% of traditional workforce numbers. This translates to a 60 - 70% savings in visa allotments for foreign workers. (Crucial in running a sustainable GCC business)

QHSE Benefits

Greatly improves planning and predictability. Factory conditions contribute to major improvement in quality reduces snagging and re-work. Factory conditions are safer conditions reduces accidents and creates safer sites.

Excellent Green & LEED Credentials

Less impact on site, better recycling at factory vs. site, reduces waste, pre-certification of all cements, glues, solvents and dangerous chemicals. Fewer people needed, less temporary housing and resources, daily road transport to site drastically reduced (60%) less environmental impact on site and neighbouring facilities such as school, university or hospital expansions.