Off-Site MEP Prefab Solutions

Off-Site MEP Prefab Solutions

Through the effective utilization of 3D Modelling & BIM technology, Off-Site manufacture of building services modules now represents the lowest risk method of the delivery and installation of MEP services to the construction site. The ability to simultaneously manufacture building components with the site work, allows the project team the flexibility and time to take advantage of just-in- time delivery.

With the benefit of many years of experience in turn-key prefabrication design, manufacture, deliver & install projects throughout the GCC and in Europe, Off-Site Engineering Solutions are now highly qualified as specialty consultants in this field. We work with developers, contractors and sub- contractors to integrate MEP prefabrication best-practice into their businesses or projects and have developed a clear and successful road map:

  • Project Feasibility Studies, Develop Business Case, Logistics and Process Plan
  • Define target areas that will benefit from prefabrication.
  • Best Off-Site solution to fit Client Project, Process and Business Stream
  • Design Review – Analyze and recommend design changes required for effective use of prefabricated components. (Maintaining specifications, output, efficiency, maintainability etc.)
  • Convert traditional 2D drawings to 3D modular design. Services coordination, de-clashing, frame design & tolerances.
  • Detailed Design: Preparation of MEP module designs in 3D for insertion in master BIM model.
  • Detailed fabrication sheets to facilitate workshop manufacture of modules.
  • Design and establishment of bespoke modular production facilities (Headcount, work flow, KPI’s etc.)
  • Comparing traditional to modular solutions and identifying cost and time benefits
  • Review of modular quotes to ensure completeness and adherence to industry standards.
  • Evaluate and project manage suppliers of off-site components right through to commissioning

Traditional vs. Off-Site

What are the issues?

  • Collision of services
  • Clash of trades
  • Cost and time control
  • Surprise costs
  • Labor risk
  • Skills shortage

  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Waste management
  • Tight project schedules

How can Off-Site overcome these difficulties?