Off-Site POD Solutions

Off-Site Pod Solutions

Off-Site Engineering Solutions offers expert design and POD layout advice for enhancing Buildability and repeatability to take advantage of these integrated elements - those that combine related components together into a single element that may be prefabricated in the factory and installed on site, such as Prefabricated Bathroom Units or PBU’s and Kitchen PODS

The prefabricated bathroom units provide good solutions to a variety of accommodation types, ranging from practical student campus to luxury residential, hospitals and shopping centers. We will ensure PBU’s are able to address every need, creating maximum modularity and modern off-site solutions. PBU’s can also provide specific clinical finishes with level access floors and walls in vinyl resin fully equipped with seats and handrails for disabled accessibility.

PBU’s may be designed for all types of end users. We are able to design a full range of Hotel pods from 2 star to 5 star, and provide oversight to ensure that they are manufactured to the Client's own specification and meeting all our client's aspirations.

What is a Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU)?

A prefabricated bathroom unit refers to a bathroom unit preassembled off-site complete with finishes, sanitary ware, concealed pipes, conduits, ceiling, bathroom cabinets, shower screen and fittings before installing in position. Prefabricated bathroom units are built and completed totally in factory conditions. The shells (commonly called the envelope of the bathroom) are available in concrete or steel profiles shells, with interior panels of a material similar to plasterboard but with high performance. The PBU’s in the Lightweight Concrete or Steel Frame provide good fire and acoustic rating possibilities, and are completed with all accessories as per client specification.

The finishing stage of the prefabricated shell begins with installation of plumbing and electrical systems, moving on to tiling, sanitary and bathroom accessories followed by final testing, cleaning and quality control, so that the prefabricated bathroom is ready for delivery and connection to site services. The completed PBU is comparable to an over-sized appliance which is installed and connected in a ‘plug and play’ manner to the building services.

BIM Compliant design

  • Integrated CAD / CAM system drives BIM (building information modeling).
  • The engineered 3D model drives the design into production generating cut files and assembly directions for materials within the bathroom.
  • BIM allows architects to fully integrate the PBU models into their overall design.
  • BIM model and Bill of Material (BOM) development
  • Visualization of design prior to production
  • Value engineering to budget
  • Ability to nail down design decisions with clients early to prevent delays later

How does it work?

The units are delivered to the project site, 'just in time' in accordance with the contract programme thus minimizing both delays and reducing the stock of prefabricated bathrooms on site. The units are inserted into the building structure and positioned for MEP connections via the service duct. The position of mechanical services and electrical boxes are agreed and defined on the drawings, making the connection operations easier and faster, therefore more reliable and economical. There is no need to enter the PBU on site and the door remains locked until ready for use.

Prefabricated Kitchen Units (PKU’s)

What are the benefits of using PBUs?

By shifting most of the fabrication work and wet trades off-site to the controlled environment of a factory, PBUs can yield both time and manpower savings by about 60%. Downtime can be minimized as production of PBUs can continue even during times of inclement weather. Furthermore, there is a better control of both materials and the prefabrication process, resulting in higher quality finishes and lesser wastage

Prefabricated Bathroom Units offer solutions that are quick and easy to install, ensuring minimum downtime and quality results with each bathroom fitted. Bathroom pods are constructed offsite; this ensures that you are getting cost-effective solutions that cut out the need for tricky on-site builds, every time.

Prefabricated Bathroom units work on a modular design, which makes them dynamic enough to fit in a wide range of spaces. As each module is prefabricated for easy installation on site, you are guaranteed a high standard bathroom, without the time-consuming fit-out. Easy and accurate Mock ups - On request it is possible to make a sample bathroom which can be inspected at the facility or delivered to site for the use in full sample rooms or mock-ups.

The installation process is environmentally conscious, thanks to less packaging required when delivering, as well as reducing the danger of any on-site theft as construction times are kept to a minimum.

Why Use Factory Built Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBU’s)?

The reasons for using offsite manufactured prefabricated bathroom units rather than building bathrooms on-site are many and varied however listed below are some of the most significant:

  • Reduced construction time
  • Cost savings and certainty
  • Programme certainty
  • Manufacturing in a controlled factory environment
  • Quality managed manufacturing process
  • Repetitive production line process ensures consistent high quality
  • Access to industry leading bathroom design & manufacturing specialists
  • Reduced snagging
  • Creates a watertight structure earlier than traditional build
  • Excellent acoustic, fire, thermal and air tightness performance
  • Lightweight structural systems
  • Reduced on-site waste
  • Improved health and safety
  • Promotes sustainability
  • Reduced requirement for skilled labour and supervision on-site
  • Reduced on-site material sequencing & coordination
  • Reduced deliveries
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced on-site theft
  • Single point of contact for any snagging or after sales support