Off-Site Press Release

3D modelling is reshaping the Gulf's prefabrication sector - Neha Bhatia , January 12th, 2018

3D-modelling techniques are changing the dynamics of the Middle East's – and the global – prefabrication sector, according to an expert.

Patrick O'Callaghan, chief executive officer of Off-Site Engineering Solutions, told Construction Week that the evolution of 3D technology is benefiting prefab manufacturers and users

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He explained: "The interesting thing about prefabrication is that it used to be much more aligned to the manufacturing industry than the construction industry.

"But nowadays, there is the common language of building information modelling (BIM) and other 3D systems that can simultaneously satisfy the manufacturing requirements of prefabrication systems, while also fitting into the overall project model."

In fact, as O’Callaghan pointed out, 3D-modelling further de-risks the already low-risk application of prefabricated products in terms of timing, logistics, and commissioning: "3D-modelling is the backbone of the prefabrication business.

"Dubai’s BIM mandate was an excellent starting point, and I do expect additional incentives for greater utilisation of prefabrication to be announced."

O'Callaghan's detailed views can be read in Construction Week #682, due to be published on 13 January, 2018.