Off-Site Press Release

Jabal Omar job for Off-Site Engineering Solutions - 2013

Off-Site Engineering Solutions LLC has received an order from Drake and Scull (Saudi Arabia) to supply prefabricated multi-service modules to the Jabal Omar development in Makkah.

The scope for the Dubai-based specialist provider of pre-engineered MEP solutions will include services in the main corridors to four towers in the project.

The prefabricated MEP multi-service modules will be produced in a factory environment and require only 25% of the labor traditionally used to complete these works on site, reducing the head count and visa requirements substantially.

The multiservice MEP modules will be delivered to site fully finished and will be manufactured in Off-Site Engineering Solutions’ Jeddah workshop.

Off-Site Engineering Solutions CEO, Patrick O'Callaghan, said: "Jabal Omar Phase 3 is our largest MEP prefabrication win to date and will include nearly 2,000 multiservice corridor modules. This high profile award is further validation of our business and strengthens our claim that prefabrication is the preferred procurement methodology for high quality MEP systems where labour resources are scarce and there are many repeated elements on typical floor plans.

"Off-Site Engineering Solutions is committed to serving the market in Saudi Arabia and making an impact on the reduction of foreign labour required to deliver MEP projects while opening up good job opportunities for KSA citizens."

Off-Site Engineering Solutions LLC have previously provided multiservice MEP modules to Saudi Aramco’s KAPSARC project in Riyadh as well as to other projects in the UAE such as Aldaar’s Yas Mall and Central Market Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The MEP modules will be produced utilizing state of the art BIM modelling, design and manufacturing technology. These modern and efficient methods of prefabrication include Cellular manufacturing, JIT (Just in Time), Kanban/Lean Techniques, Sub Assembly Kitting, TQM (Total Quality Management) and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators combined to drive down cost, time and waste and at the same time increasing efficiency and predictability.